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Every success story so far had begun with a dream, a dream that changed oneself, the community around us, and the society itself. For us, the story wasn't much different. It was the result of a passionate dream and a consistent effort along with grit to achieve the goals that have made all the difference. The History of Benzer Group of Companies flows along with the life story of our Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Shareef.

Seeking a fortune in the oasis, Mr. Mohammed Shareef arrived in the UAE in 1995 and embarked upon his career journey as a helper in a coffee shop. Within two years, he acquired the shop he worked on a lease basis with one of his close companions. The venture could not withstand the turbulent tides of competition and soon went into oblivion. Mr.Shareef toiled his life for the next four years to make up for the financial burden he was caught into. Nevertheless, those four years and the experience from the failure turned out to be the greatest investment in his life thereafter.

For the next couple of years, he worked in a shipping company during day time and took the role of a part time driver at night to compensate for the failure in the past. But during those late-night overtime shifts, his mind was vehemently occupied with the ideas of a venture he dreamt for long. The passionate entrepreneur in him soon found an opportunity in the transport business and decided to try his fortune in the sector.


While our first venture "Benzer Transport" was a result of the uncompromised spirit shown by our Founder Mr. Mohammed Shareef, the journey thereafter was more of a team effort. Started with a MAZDA 323 sedan in 2007, the Benzer group has added hundreds of vehicles in its fleet along the way.

Benzer Group of Companies, with its heterogeneous trading practice, extended its services throughout the UAE. We provide unparalleled services through Benzer transport that extends throughout the country which includes City Tour, Hajj pilgrim transport, Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Field Services, and much more. Likewise, Benzer Motors has struck a vow in efficiency for automotive consumers of the country since 2011.

Since its inception in 2017, Benzer Environment has envisaged weaving a cleaner city, enforcing exceptional waste management programs and transportation facilities across the UAE, linking with governmental and municipal authorities.

We have assured healthy food and a happy lifestyle to our customers. In this direction, Benzer Farms produce and supply organic food products, cultivating a healthy food habit. Benzer is progressing its services into tourism and health sectors, coping up with the growing demands.


Over a decade of experience under the vision and discernment of our Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Shareef and his unyielding spirit has enabled the firm to flourish into one of Abu Dhabi's top business entities. Directed by the visionaries, enlightened by the mission, fuelled by the team spirit; Benzer is expanding its wingspan to more areas of interest.

But a Greener commercial experience is our word of honor. We are committed to ensuring the needs of our brethren with minimal carbon footprints. Benzer Group of Companies is a fast unfurling business enterprise in divergent sectors. Leastways, our growth is "towards a sustainable environment".

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Benzer Transport

The Launch of Benzer Transport in 2007 at the heart of Abu Dhabi city was an event that laid the foundation stone of the Benzer group. Despite our start with a single-vehicle that offered passenger transport facilities at Abu Dhabi International Airport; Benzer Transport, today has grown to the extent that it alone manages a fleet of hundreds of vehicles and offers multitudes of transport services across the UAE.


Benzer Motors

It was in the year 2011, that our transport services began to expand rapidly and a fleet of vehicles were operational in the field almost 24*7. This led to a daring situation where maintenance activities of multiple vehicles began to overlap. To avoid any customer discomfort due to maintenance activity, we decided to set up our garage facility at Benzer Transport. The facility was soon upgraded to a full-fledged workshop that could carry out all the maintenance activity of our fleet of vehicles.


Benzer Environmental Services

Society and Environment have always been a priority of the Benzer Group of companies. Stepping into environmental services was the boldest thing we ever ventured in our journey. Started in 2017, Benzer Environment Services works 24*7 to keep the city of Abu Dhabi neat and clean. Our motto - “Towards a sustainable environment” – is the driving force behind every action we take. As a responsible team, we are committed to deploying excellent waste management solutions in all our projects.


Benzer Farms

Benzer Farms was the result of a passionate dream nurtured by our director Mr. Mohammed Shareef himself which included fostering an eco-friendly living culture, promoting a sustainable model of development, and delivering hazardous chemical-free food products to our brethren. Benzer Farms is located in the Al-Nahda area of Abu Dhabi, where different kinds of food products and livestock are cultivated in a completely environment-friendly manner. At Benzer Farms, we use 100% environment-friendly farming methods without using any harmful chemical substances like fertilizers and pesticides.



Kensho Designs

A good interior space not just fills your mind, it can make your life more productive. Hence it is very important to have a proper plan and design before you buy furniture. A space must reflect a character. Sometimes to initiate talks, sometimes to emphasize the silence. It should be the perfect blend of aesthetics and encouragement. Kensho Designs helps you to conquer your space with your needs.



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